Laura Dalrymple

Creative Direction and Design – Brand, Campaign, CPG and more


A selection of work samples from some favorite projects.


Design Direction to Production... and everything in between

Six years and thousands of SKUs. My primary role at Staples was leading packaging creative across several product categories. 

Staples: Photography

Creative direction, occasional product stylist, retouching... a little of everything 

In another life I must've been a commercial photographer. Or a photo stylist. In any case, I'm way to comfortable on set. Here's some examples from shoots I was probably way too hands-on.

Digital and
Direct Mail

Traditional and digital campaigns

Whether pencil-sketch concepting for product shots, full layout and mechanical development, creative direction of campaigns, and even photo stylist duties...I've worn all the hats (and visors and balaclavas).

Harvard Bioscience

Rebrand, creative direction
and execution

A Boston-area life sciences company, Harvard Bioscience provides specialized products for research scientists studying everything from diabetes to Alzheimers. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 3.57.06 PM.png
Music Industry

Rebrands through CPG and environmental design

Packaging, rebranding and tradeshow experiences for some of the loudest brands out there. What?! I can't hear you!

Pet Industry

A CPG-centered rebrand 

Some of the best clients are those that are happy just with a good pat, treats and second dinner. 

Other Work

Some selections from 20 years 
of design and creative direction


A lot of projects have come across my desk in the last 7,300 days (20 years). Too many to count and some I can't remember too well.


The ones I can remember, are here,
in no particular order.

Personal Work

Take a hike, take a pic.

Photos from the wilderness. 


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